Leaf Screens

There are lots of leaf screens on the market.  Over the years AQ Exteriors have culled through them and found two that are the best. The standard screen is a heavy duty expanded metal with black powder coating.  It is effective and economical.

The high end leaf screen is called Evelyn’s Leaf Solution. It is a combination of surgical grade stainless steel mesh and aluminum.  Evelyn’s Leaf Solution is much more effective; not allowing any debris to pass through into the gutter. Its unique patented design pulls the water through it. Only water, silt or dust can get through the stainless steel mesh.  It is guaranteed not to clog. AQ Exteriors have been installing Evelyn’s leaf solution for over 10 years with no complaints.

AQ Exterior’s attention to detail and quality work makes all the difference with either choice. How the gutter is installed will affect the screens performance. Having the correct pitch or slope is primary.  Too little pitch and debris can build up, too much and the water runs over. Contact us for a free estimate.